O.F.M develops and provides all the necessary technology, mechanisms and automation of all complex operations necessary in the processing of cherries, plums, dates and olives. We are very and high specialized in the olive branch.

Our human resources, in continous vocational training, is high qualificated to be able to solve all dares to solve higher market demands.

Organisation, quality, service, vocation and know-how, are the keys of the increase and the loyality of our clients. Thanks to we make great efforts to satisfy plain our clients, we have reached a continous development, being leader in all that sectors.

Actually, our firm O.F.M enjoys about a wide market quote and is worldwide recognize, due our high level of quality and service.

Our i+d+i department rely on high qualificated human resources and a very sofisticated design system, that optimaze the time to create new protypes and guarantee the technical achievement of them. The i+d+i team has an experience of more than 15 years and has created more than 40 models of machines, which are be used actually by the food industry.

This has allowed that O.F.M is to be introduced whether in the small and big industry, where the technical demand is higher.